Maritime business is becoming diverse. With rising demands for offshore activities and shipping, maritime service offerings are becoming more advanced and efficient. Technological developments are accelerating, giving birth to new skills and jobs. But one of the most underrated fields in the maritime industry is underwater diving services. Just like any other vehicle we drive, all vessels also need inspections and maintenance. Especially the parts that are usually submerged underwater need special attention. Here comes the commercial diving part, where divers actually go underwater and carry out any inspection, maintenance, or repair work.

Commercial diving services is a big sector in the maritime industry with a wide array of offerings. Different types of requirements need specialized forms of expertise. From underwater photography of a marine platform or vessel to underwater welding and repairs, underwater diving services cover everything. There are obvious risks involved with underwater operations, and hence, safety considerations and compliances with all regulations are vital.

Here are some basic types of underwater diving services –
1) UWILD Inspections –

The submerged part of the vessel is inspected thoroughly to prevent any serious damage to the vessel, life, and goods aboard the ships. As opposed to the typical dry docking methodology, the UWILD inspection is done using commercial divers at sea to save time and cost. UWILD inspections act as a major preventive maintenance step, indicating if a vessel is complying with all the safety standards and is or not prepared for a voyage.

2) Maintenance and repair –

Long voyages, the weather, and the passing time can take a toll on the vessel. Just like any other infrastructure or vehicle, maintenance work is essential for it to last longer. This particular service is carried out by a commercial diving team. It can include all kinds of underwater repairing work, salvage in water removal of wire chain and line from the running gear, etc.

3) Hull cleaning –

Hull fouling is perhaps the most common problem in regards to the submerged structures of the vessels. It is caused when the marine plants and animals get tangled with propellers or the hull of the ship. This can affect the performance and fuel efficiency of the vessels. Hull cleaning is done to undo the hull fouling by teams of commercial divers having respective expertise.

4) Other activities –

Underwater services can be needed for multiple possibilities and purposes. Some other things that commercial diving is used for are, loss Anchor search, bow thruster cleaning and polishing, side sonar scan and recovery, cutting & welding services, propeller polishing, sea chest cleaning.

Underwater diving is a field that requires immense expertise, safety measures, and experience. Pick a reputable and seasoned underwater service provider like Shinpo Engineering to carry out your commercial diving requirement.