We inspect the pump and help repair any damaged components. Depending on the size of the pump and the amount of space at the client’s location, the pumps will either be inspected there or at our workshop.

Shinpo Engineering keeps spares for Mechanical Seal, Bearing, Shaft , Casing, Impeller and other compnents and can help with the replacement of the faulty parts.

We also provide overhauling of valves. All valves are overhauled to their basic shape, cleaned using appropriate methods and then inspected to ensure they are within the tolerances as per makers advice to return the valve to service. Flanges are carefully inspected for damage and machined if necessary. The sides of the seat and disc are machined if necessary, then reassembled to ensure perfect tightness. All gaskets and seals are replaced with materials suitable for the application. The valves are then assembled, pressure tested and painted to customer requirements.

Besides this we also provide supply and replacement of Pumps and Valves.