About Our Company


offers high quality Mechanical and Electrical repair services. We aim to provide outstanding services for maintenance and repair on variety of equipment’s on Marine and offshore vessels.
As a professional and reliable services provider, our main goal is to provide our customers with the exceptional quality services they desire.
We have a team of experts with huge experience who ensures quality onboard and workshop repair in lean timing and ensuring smooth functioning of equipment before vessel leaves for sailing.

Why choose Us


Quality services: 

We strongly believe in providing quality services. It is not compromised at any cost.

Knowledge of nature of Trade:

Our team consist of people who has been a part of onboard team and thus we know the criticality and urgency of the jobs as per the trade requirements. It makes easy for us to connect with our customers and understand their requirements.

Highly skilled team with vast experience:

Our repair engineers and supervisors have vast experience. It is utilised in understanding the issue and coming up with most efficient way of doing the job. It makes it easy to deliver quality service in available time.

 24 Hrs availability:

For maintenance or repair, our expertly trained and experienced marine technicians are ready at a moment’s notice to set you back in motion. Tell us where you are, anywhere in the world; we will drive or fly to be at your service.

Riding squads and voyage repair teams:

Our team has all the documents to sail with vessel and do onboard repairs in case it is needed.

Our Vision

         We aim to be the first reliable choice for workshop and onboard repairs for Mechanical, Hydraulics and Air condition machineries on marine vessels.